This country called Nigeria is a fascinating place to live in but to survive you will need to be street smart, this includes learning some street languages that will make you relate easily with the street.

On the street in Nigeria, there are several slangs used while conversing and some of these slangs have become popular and widely accepted by the people, others might not know what this mean, especially the ‘Ajebotas’.

As you move around, you’ll hear people using these slangs so it would be wise for you to learn it so ‘they don’t sell you.’

These slangs give you a sense of belonging and can also get you out of trouble sometimes.

However, it is not just about saying the slang. How much attitude you have while saying it also matters.

I Will Go First!!

1. E be like say mosquito dey your head: “This means “you are crazy”

2. You fall my hand: This means you disappointed me and I never expected it.

3. Pepper don rest: This means money has come.

4. Baff Up: To nicely dress

5. Frap/Straff: It means to have sex

6. Soji/Ja: Street smart

What Are Some Of The Street Slangs That You Know?

Drop Yours Below.


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