What Is That Local Food You Will Always Eat Even If You Become A Billionaire?


Hello Guys,

Good day and hope your weekend started on a good noote?

Well, no matter how it started, our Prayer is that God will make it end well for all of us 🙏

Let’s say you become a Billionaire today (stinking Rich & Influential), People believe as a Rich man na you should stop eating some local foods – you understand right?

They believe as a big man, you should be eating Chicken & Chips, Pizza and all those Green leaf 😂😂 when person no be Goat 🐐🐐

Here is the big question for you all 👇

What’s That One Local Food You Can Never Stop Eating Even If You Become A Billionaire?

We want to know.

Drop your comments below.

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  1. Being a big man or a rich man doesn’t mean we will stop expensive food, I pray to God Almighty that our day end well. Happy Weekend Everyone


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