Why Do You Think Nigerian Girls Like Dating Yahoo Boys?


Girls generally, not just Nigerian girls are naturally attracted to wealth. And there is no better justification for this, everyone wants to live a comfortable lifestyle.

Now, why you might say girls like yahoo boys is explainable in the sense that an average young guy in Nigeria is into Yahoo. Meaning, this is what a lot of young Nigerian men do to stay comfortable.

In fact, any Nigerian man in his 20′s that’s comfortable and has no physical job is considered a yahoo boy (doesn’t necessarily means it’s true).

It’s just so unfortunate that we live in a country where Criminals are celebrated, Thugs are voted into public offices. Young girls run after yahoo boys.

Police see yahoo boys as an opportunity to make money too, by taking bribes from them. Some parents even cross there fingers after noticing that there child is involved in yahoo(internet scam).

But one thing that gets me puzzled is how girls don’t regard or be proud of flaunting their guys getting legitimate money but choose to run after yahoo yahoo boys.

So Guys, the question here now is

Why Do You Think Nigerian Girls Like Dating Yahoo Boys?

Nigerians are waiting to hear from you

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